Archiving "Anything That Moves"

Links and information about the project.

We are a group of bisexuals aged 16-24 aiming to compile an online archive of Anything That Moves, the 1990-2002 bisexual magazine, for accessibility to the public and the bisexual community.

We block transphobes (including transmedicalists) and anti-sex worker blogs.

Issues we need to scan:

  • Issue 1 (found in uni library)

  • Issue 2 (scans found!)

  • Issue 3 (found in uni library)

  • Issue4 (found in uni library)

  • Issue 5 (found in uni library)

  • Issue 6 (found in uni library)

  • Issue 7 (found in uni library)

  • Issue 8 (bought)

  • Issue 9 (found in uni library)

  • Issue 10 (found in uni library)

  • Issue 11 (bought)

  • Issue 12 (bought)

  • Issue 13 (bought)

  • Issue 14 (found in uni library)

  • Issue 15 (found in uni library)

  • Issue 16 (bought)

  • Issue 17 (found in uni library)

  • Issue 18 (found in uni library)

  • Issue 19 (found in uni library)

  • Issue 20 (found in uni library)

  • Issue 21 (found in uni library)

  • Issue 22 (found in uni library)

We've now found all 22 issues of Anything That Moves! Thank you to everyone who helped!

Who are we?

Rezki (23, he/they) is a bi nonbinary French person who runs @mascbi on Tumblr, a blog centering bisexuals and bi men's issues. He transcribes ATM issues and does organizational work.

Kravitz (18, he/him) is a scanner for the blog. He scanned issue #16 of ATM, which became the catalyst for the creation of this blog. You can reach him @mediumkravitz.

Amy (23, he/she) is a nonbinary bisexual from the UK who is very into bi history. You can find him @biexgirlfriend. She's helping with transcribing and whatever else needs done.

Han (20, all pronouns) is a gender-nonconforming bisexual from the Midwest. Making art and books more accessible to all is their biggest goal in life. They believe this project is a great start to making (often hard to find) bisexual history available to all who are interested! you can find them @virginkiryu

Johanna/Jo (24, she/they) is a femme nb bisexual living in Chicago. They are here to help with some transcribing, they love getting the opportunity to uncover all this bi history!

Mari (16, s/he/they) is a black bigender bisexual from the US. He is helping by transcribing some of the issues. She was really excited when she found out some of her friends were doing this project because she had wanted to read Anything That Moves from the time she first found out about it.

Indigo/Alex (18, he/they) is bisexual and bigender, and from the UK. He is helping to transcribe issues of ATM.

You can contact us:

If you own or have access to any issues of Anything That Moves that you can scan, please contact us and let us know so we can add your scans to the archives and transcribe them!